Netflix & Unesco African Folktales, Reimagined



Six beloved African folktales are boldly reimagined in a multilingual anthology series exploring themes of grief, love and mysticism.


Katera of the Punishment Island
Duration: 28min
Director: Loukman Ali, Uganda Abandoned on an island, a woman grieving the loss of her baby exacts revenge on the powerful man who put her there.

Halima’s Choice
Duration: 24 min
Director: Korede Azeez, Nigeria Forced into an arranged marriage, Halima turns to a stranger and the virtual world of Napata for help.

Anyango and the Ogre
Duration: 18 min
Director: Voline Ogutu, Kenya Three children and their mother seek solace in a folktale as they attempt to escape an abusive father.

Enmity Djinn
Duration: 19 min
Director: Mohamed Echkouna, Mauritania An elderly woman is forced to confront a malevolent djinn that once haunted her past.

Duration: 14 min
Director: Walt Mzengi, Tanzania
A young girl born at the onset of a drought encounters a mysterious rain bird.

Duration: 21min
Director: Gcobisa Yako, South Africa A mystical river being, Uma'Mlambo, watches over troubled women.