Beats of the Antonov

Directed by Hajooj Kuka
Produced by Steven Markovitz & hajooj kuka
Sudan, South Africa



Sudan is doing everything it can to rid itself of the rebel forces in the Blue Nile area and the Nuba Mountains; this includes obliterating their base. Their base is the villagers who have been forced to gather in mountain hideouts or refugee camps. The bombings continue but so does the resistance, led by the rebel forces. Director, hajooj kuka was on the ground filming for over eighteen months, creating a film that traverses through the lives of displaced people who lost everything. Yet, instead of finding a devastated and defeated people we find a vibrant culture, people who have found new purpose and energy in the face of conflict. They responsd to the violence with singing, dancing, laughter and marvelous music that comes from the root of their culture. Through this journey we become aware of the Sudanese conflict that stems from a war on identity.


FPB 10-12 PG


Carthage Film Festival, Tunis, 2014

Dubai International Film Festival, Dubai, 2014

Göteborg Film Festival, Sweden, 2015

FESPACO, Burkina Faso, 2015

International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights, Geneva 2015

Human Rights Watch London Film Festival, UK, 2015

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North Kohala Public Library (Kapaau, HI) -2pm, USA 2016
Sudanese Community, Oman 2016

Human Rights FF, Australia 2016

Something Somewhere FF, Australia 2016


Winner of the People’s Choice Documentary Award, TIFF, Canada, 2014

Winner of the Best Feature Documentary Award, Cordoba African Film Festival, Spain, 2015

Winner of the Audience Award for Feature Documentary, Angers African Film Festival, France, 2015

Winner of the Main Jury Prize for Feature Documentary, Angers African Film Festival, France, 2015

Winner of the Grand Nile Prize for Best Documentary, Luxor African Film Festival, Egypt, 2015

Winner of the Best Documentary Award, Durban International Film Festival, South Africa, 2015

Winner of the Arterial Network’s Artwatch Africa Award for Freedom of Expression, Durban International Film Festival, South Africa, 2015

Winner of the Main Jury Prize for Feature Documentary) Encounters Documentary Film Festival, South Africa, 2015